Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

Business Emergency Preparedness

Strengthens Day to Day Business

Risk Reduction: Reducing Exposure, Lowered Vulnerability

We help business owners, managers and teams care-take

not only the business but its owner, its employees, its customers and its vendors – your business family and your own family.

Business owners and their teams learn to manage overwhelming and traumatic events with calmness, confidence and success.

With the busy-ness of business and the human bias to look on the bright side, many business owners and executives are prone to being blind to “emergency planning” because a disaster seems an unlikely event. Despite businesses experiencing disruptive events on a regular basis.  From natural disasters to smaller disruptions including illness or departure of primary employees, vendor partner complications or other adversities that businesses manage periodically planning and training allows these emergencies to be handled with confidence and success.

Crisis Prevention and Restoration’s emergency preparedness plans, also known as Business Continuity Plans or Business Restoration Plans are customized to fit your business.


Disaster Restoration

is the process of restarting your business income stream after a disruptive event. The event might be something immense-like an earthquake, wildfire, or something small like a medical emergency.

Q: “Disaster Recovery” vs “Disaster Restoration” vs “Business Continuity Planning”

      What are the differences?

  • A: Disaster Recovery was originally defined as the process by which you prepare the technology side of your business to resume after a damaging event. It has now been broadened – Process of returning an organization, society, or system to a state of normality after the occurrence of a disastrous event.  For us at CPR4Biz we see it as digging out and bringing the physical back to “normal”.

  • “Business Continuity Planning” advocates a more all-inclusive and intentional approach to ensuring you and your employees can continue making money. This means creating systems and procedures that port from your continuity plan to your day to day business.

Minimizing the Impact of Disasters on Your Business

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