Mini Assessment

Mini Assessment

Crisis Prevention & Restoration, we want to partner with you to minimize the impact of disasters on your business.

We know that preparation and training strengthens your business and allows for your business to go from surviving to thriving after disaster.

A Business & Income Resiliency plan is important to identifying strengths and weaknesses;

After a disaster strikes is not the time to ensure your business will survive.


Your Business & Income Resiliency Mini Assessment and Plan will include:

  • Initial interview and business tour – to learn about your business and any existing business continuity, safety or well-being plans. – 1-2 Hour Commitment from Business –
    • Review of goals and objectives for the emergency response plan
    • Review of regulations impacting your business
    • Discuss any additional concerns
  • Written Plan Creation – 1-2 Hour Commitment from CPR4Biz.
  • Delivery of Your Mini Business & Income Resiliency Plan – 1-2 Hour Commitment from Business