Insurance Brokers and Agents

Your Agent or Broker will be a very strong ally in the case of a claim. Build that relationship consistently and have a regularly scheduled review.

A properly designed business continuity plan is intended to help return an organization to pre-disaster operation as quickly as possible, with the ultimate goals of lessening the overall business impact of the event and ensuring the company survival.

Insurance Brokers and Agents the Beginnning of a good Continuity Plan

Storm Debris Awating Adjuster


Insurance is not Business Continuity

Insurance is not a Contingency of Operations Plan

Insurance will not Evacuate your Business or be there for a Shelter In Place Order

Insurance May Take Months to Pay

Insurance is a great beginning place for a Business Continuity Plan but it’s just a beginning.


We help agents Agents and Brokers
Minimize Claims

Strengthen Business Clients Procedures

Train and Drill to Ensure Safer (Lower Risk) Responses to Emergencies

Create Plans to Prevent/Minimize Repeat Claims

We can change your Business Survival Skills and Abilities


Each year, thousands of businesses and organizations are affected by man-made and natural disasters.  Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, explosions, winter storms and earthquakes cause extensive damage and disrupt the ability to operate.  It has been estimated that over 40% of businesses closed by a catastrophe or disaster never reopen.  A pre-defined business continuity plan can help ensure your business does not add to this statistic.

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Crisis Prevention and Restoration (CPR4Biz) works with small to medium sized business owners to prepare for emergencies;

preparation ensures disasters don’t become catastrophes.

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