Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

If you are here because you are in immediate need and support for a recovery journey –

We want you to know, you do not have to go it alone. We are here and we are available to support you on your journey to wholeness.

Our Walk In or Drop In Support is available Tuesday 7am to 9am and Thursday from 2pm to 5pm.

Songbird Community Healing Center – 8297 Redwood Hwy, Cotati 94931

Appointments are available or simply stop as you are in the area.

We offer emotional support, paperwork overwhelm help, comfort and can suggest ways to support your personal self care. We are here to help vet contractors, find answers to questions and be of general support as we can.


If you are seeking downloads to support your recovery journey – downloads.

For those looking to create a recovery plan with us –

Economic Restoration, Facility Recovery, Debris Management, Health and Social Services

We build recovery plans right into your continuity plan. We have found knowing who you’ll call for emotional support, which contractor fits your business best for physical rebuild, and who will lead your business if you can’t – provides comfort and relief during crises. Not only do we discuss it, write it into your plan but we help you create muscle memory by practicing it.

Who is in charge of sandbags if your business is at risk of flood? Who opens and is in charge of merchandise evacuation? Who is in charge of personnel evacuation? Who decides it’s too dangerous for employees to be at work? Who has re-opening and re-organizing responsibilities? Who is their support?

We find answers for the questions you don’t even think to ask.  We put those answers into a written plan then teach you, so emergencies are not so scary, so your business restarts quickly and so you have a business with strong employees to restart.

With our techniques your business gains muscle through exercise. That muscle translates to a stronger day to day business, simplified instructions, protocols and procedures, and a team that is cross trained so no one person is being a business mule. Stronger Efficient Business = Business Goals Achieved Faster