Crisis Prevention & Restoration

Crisis Prevention & Restoration

There is no short cut, business decision makers have to spend time preparing for the possibility of catastrophe. It could be a natural event, it could have a human origin or it could be medical. Regardless, an owner, manager or executive has to think about the many events that could either temporarily or permanently interrupt their business. In other words, a business must consider what threats exists to their normal, profitable operations. The task may initially appear overwhelming. However, it is just a matter of considering what the business does; where it does it; how it does it; and why it does it; then, examine what could happen to stop any of these things.

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Erskine Fire – Guerneville Flood – Middletown, Lake County, CA Fire

Gatlinburg, Tennessee fire, 700 homes and 200 businesses

Oakland Ghost fire

These are tragic and heart breaking events.

We help prevent, prepare and recover from tragedies.

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Minimizing the Impact of Disasters on Your Business

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Businesses that create a disaster action plan, a contingency operations plan, and implement their plans with hospitality mindsets ensure their prosperity despite day to day challenges.