CPR Closed Isn’t an Option!

CPR4Biz – Restarting your business often depends upon insurance.
Insurance, FEMA and SBA may not arrive in time to salvage your business.

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CPR Women Lead

Crisis Prevention and Restoration is a woman owned and lead business.


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Who We Are


Crisis Prevention & Restoration

CPR4Biz – Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Management and Risk Reduction

Factors For Disaster Management Risk Reduction

Prevention and Mitigation: Vulnerability Assessment, Education and Procedures, Improved Infrastructure

Risk Reduction: Reducing Exposure, Lowered Vulnerability

Preparedness: Emergency Response Plans – Training and Exercises

Response: Life Safety, Incident Stabilization, Property Preservation, Evacuation and Shelters

Recovery: Economic Restoration, Facility Recovery, Debris Management, Health and Social Services

Schedule – 1 to 1

Schedule – Insurance Presentation

Schedule – Top Reasons Businesses Don’t Plan Presentation

Order – Business & Income Resiliency Mini Assessment and Plan

Order – Immediate Action – Recovery – Non Bio-Hazard



Damaged Income Streams Don’t Flow! There is no short cut, business decision makers have to spend time preparing for the possibility of catastrophe. It could be a natural event, it could have a human origin or it could be medical. Regardless, an owner, manager or executive has to think about the many events that could […]

Paradigm Shift

A paradigm is a habitual way of thinking. A paradigm for most of businesses is that insurance, FEMA, SBA are always the answer when disaster strikes.  

Insurance Brokers and Agents

As an Agent or Broker – you will be a very strong ally in the case of a claim. Businesses that build that relationship consistently and have a regularly scheduled reviews are stronger. A properly designed business continuity plan is intended to help return an organization to pre-disaster operation as quickly as possible, with the […]

Why Choose Us

Prevention and Mitigation

Prevention and Mitigation Vulnerability Assessment, Education and Procedures, Improved Infrastructure CPR4Biz – Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Business Resiliency/Business Continuity Planning web, cloud, data safety, basic employee safety, etc. We Go Beyond remediation, recovery management, restoration of income stream insurance claim oversight, customer safety, post crisis management That’s where CPR is special. Too […]

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Risk Reduction

Business Emergency Preparedness Strengthens Day to Day Business Risk Reduction: Reducing Exposure, Lowered Vulnerability Crisis Prevention and Restoration’s emergency preparedness plans, also known as Business Continuity Plans or Business Restoration Plans are customized to fit your business.   Disaster Restoration is the process of restarting your business income stream after a disruptive event. The event […]

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 Preparedness: Emergency Response Plans – Training and Exercises Crisis Prevention & Restoration – We construct and expedite emergency response plans – helping businesses prepare for a crisis prior and preserve income streams; we focus on business and employee well-being;  preventative measures can minimize the impact of a variety of crisis, disasters and emergencies; we educate, […]

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Crisis Prevention and Restoration – Introductory Offer


Our introductory offer is Business Changing. A sweet deal that will start your business on the path of Emergency Preparedness.


Business & Income Resiliency Mini Assessment and Plan

Crisis Prevention & Restoration, we want to partner with you to minimize the impact of disasters on your business.

We’ll spend 1-2 hours talking about the impacts that can affect your business and touring your location. We’ll start with the under estimated and normalized disruptions that can come from a simple car crash or even a sprained ankle, to major medical emergencies on key personnel levels, then onto major disasters both man-made and natural.

We know that preparation and training strengthens your business

and allows for your business to go from surviving to thriving after disaster.

I’ll then return and take all the notes I just spent 2 hours collecting and begin your mini plan. I say begin because over time you’ll add layers after layer to your plan. It truly is a living document. When I am done, typically 2-3 hours later, you’ll have a Mini Business Continuity Plan. I’ll then deliver the plan to you in person and go over it. Answer any questions and also supply you with an email link to your plan on line.


A Business & Income Resiliency plan is important to identifying strengths and weaknesses;

after a disaster strikes is not the time to ensure your business will survive.

 Normally this is a $600 package.

Your Investment is $450.00 – The Benefits are Priceless


Expect to spend between 3 and 4 hours with me throughout the process. The total package takes 6-7 hours to complete.

Your Business & Income Resiliency Mini Assessment and Plan will include:

  • Initial interview and business tour – to learn about your business and any existing business continuity, safety or well-being plans. – 1-2 Hour Commitment from Business –

    • Review of goals and objectives for the emergency response plan

    • Review of regulations impacting your business

    • Discuss any additional concerns

  • Written Plan Creation – 2-3 Hour Commitment from CPR4Biz.

    • Risk Assessment

    • Written Plan with Dates

    • Yearly Reminders

    • 4 Support Emails a Year

    • Special Offers to Improve Your Plan

  • Delivery of Your Mini Business & Income Resiliency Plan – 1-2 Hour Commitment from Business

  • Your plan will also be useful for insurance purposes. Some underwriters lower risk ratings on businesses with a plan.